Effluent Plant & Storm Water Services

Enzymatic Treatment 

Cellozyme offers a range of scientifically formulated biological/enzymatic products.

Micro-organisms are ideally suited to the task of degrading contaminants because they possess enzymes that use these contaminants as food. Bio-augmentation enhances the performance of indigenous bacteria through the addition of bacterial strains with specific activities.

Biological waste and wastewater treatment systems rely on microbes to degrade organic material in the biomass, where the microbes come into contact with organic material under controlled conditions.

Bio-augmentation enhances the ability of indigenous bacteria to degrade waste in the biomass.

We are able to offer a range of products developed through the selection of strains with catabolic pathways to achieve targeted effects in various wastewater treatment applications.
City council by-laws require all companies, who discharge effluent, to monitor the quality of the effluent ensuring it’s compliance to discharge limits.

Cleaning and Safe Disposal

Cellozyme offers a complete cleaning service for effluent plants, oily water separator systems and storm water systems

During the process, the system is high pressure cleaned (including drains and pipes associated with the system). All liquids and sludge are removed and a “Safe” dumping certificate is supplied once all removed and safely disposed of.